We are passionate about all things natural. Researching and bringing together specific plant extracts from all around the world. This knowledge has been passed down through generations for the purpose of improving health naturally.

Carrs is fast becoming recognised for our natural alternatives to modern day chemical remedies.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality in natural resources, which their stock would find in nature if left to their own devices.

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John Fretwell won both the Midlands National Carentan AND the BICC Old Hens Race, Guernsey on the SAME DAY using Carr's.

  • Herbalism as it is tradionally known began thousands of years ago. Some of our ingredients have been traced back as far as the Roman period!

  • Plants have over time evolved the ability to break down certain chemical compounds which allow them to defend against an extremely wide variety of situations.

  • Simply by chance and evolutionary luck, these chemical defence systems are able to treat many types of problems that we have with our animals.

  • There are many medicines used by vets and doctors that contain the same compounds that have originally been found in plants. We can't speak for you, but we know which choice we would rather make: the natural one!

  • We recognised the amazing properties of different plant varieties in 1981 and since have been constantly expanding on our totally natural range of products.